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Dark Helmet was a villainous Spaceball who possessed the The Downside of the Schwartz and assisted President Skroob in gathering more air for Planet Spaceball Dark Helmet is the central antagonist of the Star Wars spoof Spaceballs. He is a parody of Darth Vader. He holds grudges easily, especially with his archenemy Lone Starr, and seems to make an enemy out of everyone. He was portrayed by Rick Moranis, who also played the Toy Taker in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys Spaceballs movie clips: http://j.mp/1Ebi3Ih BUY THE MOVIE: http://j.mp/17x636F Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: D..

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  1. Spaceballs (1987) Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet. Dark Helmet : [playing with his dolls, in Dark Helmet voice] So, Princess Vespa, at last I have you in my clutches, to have my way with you, the way I want to. [in Vespa voice
  2. Der furcht- und ahnungslose Captain Lone Starr und sein Co-Pilot müssen zusehen, dass sie Prinzessin Vespa aus den Klauen des bösen Lord Helmchen befreien, bevor es zu spät ist. Auf ihrer chaotischen Mission begleiten sie Pleiten, Pech und Pannen, und es stellen sich ihnen allerlei seltsame Weltall-Bewohner in den Weg
  3. g up the evil plan of the movie] We will, sir.Once we kidnap the princess, we can force her father, King Roland, to give us the combination to the air shild, thereby destroying Planet Druidia and saving Planet Spaceballs
  4. Lonestar and Dark Helmet's epic ligtsaber battle from Spaceballs
  5. Dark Helmet Schwartz Spaceballs Ring Replica. $49.99 $ 49. 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Dark Helmet Lovers I Knew It I'm Surrounded by Assholes Quote Vintage Spaceballs Unisex T-Shirt. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. $18.95 $ 18. 95. Astronaut Helmet with Movable Visor Pretend Play Toy Set for School Classroom Dress Up, Role Play Accessory, Stocking, Birthday Party Favor Supplies, Girls, Boys, Kids and.
  6. Skroob sends the villainous Dark Helmet to complete this task with Spaceball One, an impossibly huge ship helmed by Colonel Sandurz. Before they can arrive, Vespa abandons her wedding and flees the planet in her Mercedes spaceship with her droid of honor, Dot Matrix

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Basic edit of Dark Helmet project by moesizzlac based on Darkside501st design I split the helmet shell into 8 pieces for separate prints, which is the key feature of this remix I also included a version of the mask that was split into 3 sections from another one of moesizzlac's uploads There are still some irregularities with the geometry of the original mesh, but I added faces along the. Dark Helmet tells the plastic surgeon who's making out with a nurse to go back to the golf course and work on your putts. In Yiddish, putz is vulgar slang for penis. In Yiddish, putz is. A compilation of the funniest moments from Spaceballs However, Dark Helmet's old nemesis, space adventurer Lone Star (Bill Pullman) and his faithful companion Barf (a mawg - half man, half dog played by John Candy), accidentally save the Princess and find themselves mercilessly chased by the great Spaceballs starship... The humour in this comedy doesn't always fly very high (everybody on board of Dark Helmet's spaceship is named A---ole, he doesn. To complete the Dark Helmet costume all that was needed was a piece of bacl fabric for the cape, black long sleeve shirt, black running paints, black costume gloves and rubber boots. Oh and don't forget the foam Mr. Coffee coffee cup! It was a big hit as I trick or treated with my kids. I was constantly stopped to pose for pictures by the adults who remembered the movie so fondly! Add Tip.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Spaceballs (1987) George Wyner as Colonel Sandurz. Dark Helmet : Ah, planet Druidia. And under that air shield, ten thousand years of fresh air Schauspieler: Mel Brooks (President Skroob/Yoghurt), Rick Moranis (Dark Helmet), Bill Pullman (Lone Starr), Daphne Zuniga (Princess Vespa), John Candy (Barfolemew 'Barf'), George Wyner (Colonel Sandurz), Joan Rivers (Dot Matrix (voice)), Dick Van Patten (King Roland), Michael Winslow (Radar Technician) Spaceballs Der dunkle Helm Radar Kaffee & Flüssige Schwartz Becher NeatGift. Aus dem Shop NeatGift . 5 von 5 Sternen (8) 8 Bewertungen. ab 17,70 € Zu Favoriten hinzufügen Tuch Gesichtsmaske mit Filtertasche für Erwachsene & Kinder | Waschbare Soziale Distanz Mund Gesichtsbezug | Lustige Spaceballs Der Raum BobaTeeShop. Aus dem Shop BobaTeeShop. 4.5 von 5 Sternen (285) 285 Bewertungen. ab.

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Spaceballs ist eine US-amerikanische Star Wars-Parodie von Mel Brooks aus dem Jahre 1987. Da dem Planeten Spaceballs die Luft in der Atmosphäre ausgeht, beschließt Präsident Skroob, Prinzessin Vespa vom Planeten Druidia durch Lord Helmchen (engl. Dark Helmet) entführen zu lassen, um ihren Vater, König Roland, erpressen zu können. Er hat nämlich vor, die Luft aus der Atmosphäre von.

However, Dark Helmet's old nemesis, space adventurer Lone Star (Bill Pullman) and his faithful companion Barf (a mawg - half man, half dog played by John Candy), accidentally save the Princess and find themselves mercilessly chased by the great Spaceballs starship.. Spaceballs: The Animated Series, also known as Spaceballs: Dark Helmet gets knocked out by a robot stripper in Skroob's new casino and recalls his origin story as in a dream. Once he was a young boy named Pannakin Crybaby, he won his freedom in a NasPodrace, was trained in the Schwartz by Yogurt, fell in love with Princess Harley Van Patten, and became Lord Dark Helmet. Parody/Spoof: Star. After wasting the fresh air on the distant planet Spaceball, the good-for-nothing President Skroob orders the archvillain henchman Dark Helmet to kidnap Princess Vespa to force King Roland to provide them with the code to Druidia's atmosphere

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  1. The Spaceballs and everyone and everything inside the ship flee, that is except for Dark Helmet, Col. Sanders, and President Skroob. The ship self destructs and Mega Maid's head crash lands on an ape planet. The apes are horrified to discover that their planet is being taken over by Spaceballs. Back on the Winnebago, Lonestar and Barf learn that Pizza The Hutt has kicked the bucket and they.
  2. Spaceballs (1987) Mel Brooks as President Skroob, Yogurt. Yogurt : Well, you opened your fortune cookie, so here's your fortune. Lone Starr, you know that medallion that you wear around your neck, but you don't know what it means
  3. Da dem Planeten Spaceballs die Luft in der Atmosphäre ausgeht, beschließt Präsident Skroob, Prinzessin Vespa vom Planeten Druidia durch Lord Helmchen (engl.Dark Helmet) entführen zu lassen, um ihren Vater, König Roland, erpressen zu können.Er hat nämlich vor, die Luft aus der Atmosphäre von Druidia abzusaugen, die jedoch von einem Kraftfeld geschützt ist
  4. iature model of Captain Lone Starr's proverbial Millennium Falcon, the..

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Weighing the pros and cons of a bunch of costumes (including buzz lightyear and the predator) I decided to settle on an old favorite movie of mine from childhood; Spaceballs. With the help of a newly acquired 3D Printer, and the knowledge gained from creating the Halo Armor, I decided to create a Dark Helmet Costume RELATED: Rick Moranis to Reprise Spaceballs' Dark Helmet Role. Spaceballs III. The first proposed sequel for Spaceballs was called Spaceballes III: The Search for Space Balls II. During a 2013 interview, Rick Moranis spoke about how the sequel was considered in the initial years following the original Spaceballs. Mel wanted to do a sequel after it became a cult video hit, Moranis explained.

Dark Helmet: [Vespa doll] No! No, please, leave me alone! Dark Helmet: [Helmet Doll] No, you are mine! Dark Helmet: [Lone Starr doll] Not so fast, Helmet! Dark Helmet: [Helmet Doll] Lone Starr! Dark Helmet: [Lone Starr doll] Yes, it's me, and I'm here to save my girlfriend! Hi, honey! Dark Helmet: [Helmet doll] Now you are going to die! [smacks. High quality Spaceballs gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours When the nefarious Dark Helmet hatches a plan to snatch Princess Vespa and steal her planet's air, space-bum-for-hire Lone Starr and his clueless sidekick fly to the rescue. Along the way, they meet Yogurt, who puts Lone Starr wise to the power of The Schwartz. Can he master it in time to save the day? Views: 27

Spaceballs even capitalizes on the bureaucratic elements of Star Wars perfectly by giving Dark Helmet a tie to wear with Moranis's trademark glasses. While Spaceballs has more jokes than we can count, none of them would work without Moranis's hilarious and effective performance. NEXT: 10 80's Movies That Could Never Get A Remak Lucas was afraid that Spaceballs merchandise would be confused for Star Wars figures, and he didn't want this harming sales for his goods. Though, the idea that someone might buy a Dark Helmet toy.. Spaceballs is one of those classic 80's films that never fail to make me laugh, and I think that the Eagle 5 is a perfect way of capturing the comedy. The Eagle 5 is captained by Lone Starr and his and sidekick Barf who are looking to pay off their debt to Pizza the Hutt, however the only way they can do this is to rescue Princess Vespa before Dark Helmet and his men capture her SPACEBALLS 2 T Shirt Dark Helmet Costume Mel Brooks John Candy Blu Ray DVD Tee. New (Other) $13.99 to $15.99. Buy It Now +$5.95 shipping. Mog the Dog Spaceballs camel faux shag luxury fur ears tails or sets in 2 sizes. Brand New. $15.00 to $50.00. Buy It Now +$6.05 shipping. Black Star Wars Darth Vader Space Balls Batman Dark Knight Costume Mens Boots . Brand New. $65.95. Buy It Now. Free.

Right up there with The Producers and Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs is one of Mel Brooks's best spoofs. Ripping Star Wars to shreds is red meat to Brooks, who casts the brilliant Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet, himself as Yogurt, Bill Pulman as Lone Star and John Candy as Barf In der Star Wars-Satire Spaceballs war er der heimliche Star: Rick Moranis, der als Mini-Version von Darth Vader, Lord Helmchen (Dark Helmet) das Universum beherrschen wollte

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Eine der Hauptfiguren in Spaceballs ist Dark Helmet, der natürlich an Darth Vader angelehnt ist und in der deutschen Version des Films Lord Helmchen genannt wird. Das Markenzeichen von Lord.. This moment is the exception, as Dark Helmet directs his rage at the one thing that can't fight back: us. As I rewatched Spaceballs before writing this essay, that line stuck with me. More than.

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Rick Moranis is returning to acting for the first time since appearing in the 2007 television special Rob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary, and he's doing so by reprising one of his most.. Spaceballs ist wohl eine der besten Parodien, die jehmals über die Leinwand geflimmert sind. 10 Fakten über Spaceballs: Die Szene, in der Dark Helmet mit den Puppen spielt, stand nicht im Drehbuch. Mel Brooks hatte die Idee zu dieser Szene am Set und Rick Moranis, der Dark Helmet spielte, improvisierte diese Szene. Laut Mel Brooks hatte Rick Moranis die Idee, dass sich Dark Helmets. For that, I used Dark Helmet helmet by Darkside501st. I have to give the creators of the pdo files a lot of credit for their time and effort contributed. Thank you. After resizing and printing the helmet on 100lb stock paper, it was time to start cutting and gluing. Nothing new here, just applying what I did with Halo armor below I wanted to be dark helmet the first time I saw Spaceballs back in the 80's. Something different and stands out. I built the helmet from vacuum forming the lid off a Weber outdoor grill. I then added the skirts from syrene plastic. After dozens of rivets and glue bondo and a ton of sanding Read more. Cool DIY Barf Costume from Spaceballs. I am a big fan of Spaceballs and it just seemed a.

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Find Dark Helmet Costume Spaceballs Deals. Find Dark Helmet Costume Spaceballs Halloween shopping results from Amazon & compare prices with other Halloween online stores: Ebay, Walmart, Target, Sears, Asos, Spitit Halloween, Costume Express, Costume Craze, Party City, Oriental Trading, Yandy, Halloween Express, Smiffys, Costume Discounters, BuyCostumes, Costume Kingdom, and other stores Cannabis Review: Dark Helmet by JWC. Posted on February 21, 2020 March 22, 2020. 3 MIN READING TIME. Spaceballs and Licorice. If you google Black Helmet you'll see many references to the classic 1987 movie, Spaceballs. An interesting name for a cannabis cultivar but we've seen more interesting ones out there. This production by JWC was okay but didn't knock me out of my seat. Cannabinoid. The helmet with fold-down mask that Rick Moranis donned while playing Dark Helmet in 1987's Spaceballs is up for auction through Invaluable. The price is currently at $8,000. Consisting of 20. It's Dark Helmet from Spaceballs! Tags: schwartz, space-balls, lord-dark-helmet, spaceball-the-movie, fool-you Dark Helmet Mask. by Chaosblue $10 $8.00 . Main Tag Spaceballs Mask. Description. Spaceballs Quote Funny Geek Design. Tags: space-balls, may-the-schwartz-be-with-you, barf, lonestar, quotes Spaceballs Quote Mask . by GeekyandNerdyStuff $10 $8.00 . Main Tag Spaceballs Merchandise. Lord Dark Helmet sets his sights on the planet Druidia, ruled by the wise Roland, in order to retrieve the precious element. His plan is to kidnap Vespa, Roland's daughter, and ask the air in ransom. Vespa flees on her ship just before marrying a knucklehead prince. An adventurer who lives in a space camper tracks her down and leads her back home. It is the parody of the saga Star Wars.

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Planet Spaceballs' President Skroob sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal planet Druidia's abundant supply of air to replenish their own, and only Lone Starr can stop them. Comic ArtComic BooksPop Culture ArtNerd LoveFunny MoviesAmazing ArtPop ArtGeek StuffBatma In der Star Wars-Parodie Spaceballs gab Rick Moranis die eher kleingewachsene und nicht ganz so furchteinflößende Version von Darth Vader. Dabei trug er einen riesengroßen Helm. Nun könnt ihr.. Jun 14, 2018 - Explore Joshua Hejlik's board Spaceballs on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mel brooks movies, Dark helmet, Memes

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Spaceballs: The Tropes!. Abandon Ship: Played for Laughs. Everybody is shown running for the Escape Pods in the film's climax — the orchestra, a variety of circus freaks, and even a bear — but leaving behind Colonel Sandurz, President Skroob, and Dark Helmet. Many of these are part of the capper of a Brick Joke initiated when Colonel Sandurz orders the cancellation of a three-ring circus. Full Cast & Crew: Spaceballs (1987) Cast (68) Mel Brooks. President Skroob / Yogurt John Candy. Barf Rick Moranis. Dark Helmet Bill Pullman. Lone Starr Daphne Zuniga. Princess Vespa Dick Van Patten. King Roland George Wyner. Colonel Sandurz Michael Winslow. Radar Technician Joan Rivers. Dot Matrix (voice) Lorene Yarnell Jansson . Dot Matrix (as Lorene Yarnell) John Hurt. John Hurt Sal Viscuso. The space ship is used to save prinsess Vespa from the evil President Skroob and Dark Helmet. In 1986, comedy director, writer and actor Mel Brooks came with the science fiction parody film: Spaceballs. In 2016 it will be the 30th anniversary of Spaceballs! So let's make it a good one with a Spaceball Lego set! Yogurt would say: Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the.

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Making a Dark Helmet costumes from Spaceballs might not be quite as much work as building a Darth Vader one, but it's still not simple. Tony made his after wearing other Spaceballs costumes with friends at conventions and to construct Dark Helmet's giant helmet, he used a laundry tub, party tray, and putty. I appreciate the resourcefulness! He got a face shield from the hardware store and. # movies # mel brooks # spaceballs # rick moranis # dark helmet # spaceballs # politics # death # president # taxes # spaceballs # management # mel brooks # spaceballs # rick moranis # do something # mel brooks # spaceballs # vinny # dom deluise # pizza the hutt # restaurant # check # spaceballs # check please # spaceballs # welcome # parody # spaceballs # hat tip # mlady # what # spaceballs.

Dark Helmet gets inside a escape pod, and some other pods appear (3 Opponents: 2 Pods, 2 Opponents: 1 Pod, 1 Opponent: Only Dark Helmet's Pod). The opponents have to go to the escape pods before the time goes out. The opponents that can't reach to a pod will get KOd. After that, all the ones who reach to a pod will be shown flying in space until they fall down to the stage again Spaceballs is a Norwegian-based Amiga demo group, originally formed by Dark Helmet on his own in 1988. In the following two years, he slowly recruited members from his home town of Halden. Lone Starr was the first recruit in 1988, the younger brother of a schoolmate of Dark Helmet's from Østfold Ingeniørhøgskole. During 1989 more members were recruited, and Major Asshole, Defender (later. 'Spaceballs' Winnebago, Dark Helmet helmet go up for auction. Own a piece of sci-fi parody movie history by bidding on the Eagle 5 space-RV or Dark Helmet's iconic headgear from Spaceballs

Dark Helmet hakt per ongeluk een geluidsman in plaats van Lone Star, onze helden ontsnappen omdat de Spaceballs de stuntmannen hebben gepakt, en als de Spaceballs Lone Starr kwijt zijn, pakken ze een video van de film Spaceballs om hem vast te bekijken. (Wordt instant-video genoemd want de video is al klaar voordat de film klaar is Mel Brooks' irreverent parody Spaceballs soon became one of his most beloved films. Now, you can own the most iconic piece in the movie—Dark Helmet's Helmet. If you happened to have $10,000. SPACEBALLS - THE (custom) ACTION FIGURE SERIES. 5″ tall statue figures of DARK HELMET, LONE STARR, BARFF, PRINCESS VESPA, and DOT MATRIX. Inspired by the 1987 Mel Brooks film Directed by Mel Brooks. With Mel Brooks, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman. A star pilot and his sidekick must come to the rescue of a Princess and save the galaxy from a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs

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Spaceballs (1987) 3,273 images, 1920x1080. In a distant galaxy, planet Spaceball has depleted its air supply, leaving its citizens reliant on a product called Perri-Air. In desperation, Spaceball's leader President Skroob orders the evil Dark Helmet to kidnap Princess Vespa of oxygen-rich Druidia and hold her hostage in exchange for air. But. Spaceballs - Amiga based demoscene group since 1990 - History, members, releases, new

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Jul 29, 2018 - Explore buhruh's board dark helmet? on Pinterest. See more ideas about Star wars art, Star wars fans, Star wars universe They send the evil Dark Helmet to kidnap Princess Vespa on the day of her wedding, in the hope of holding Druidia to ransom. But the princess skips town and joins forces with a mercenary named.

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In director Mel Brooks' Star Wars satire, the planet 'Spaceball' is trying to steal the atmosphere of its peaceful neighboring planet, 'Druidia.' Bill Pullman is Lone Star, a freelance space jockey; John Candy is Barf the Mawg (half-man,half-dog); Rick Moranis is the constantly complaining, yet evil Lord Dark Helmet; Daphne Zuniga is Princess Vespa; and Mel Brooks is both Scroob, the president. Spaceballs Original. Spaceballs: Anbieter. MGM / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2009) Laufzeit. ca. 96 min. Bildformat 1,85:1 : Audiokanäle · Englisch DTS HD Master Audio 5. Spaceballs: Dark Helmet! (Created for BrickForge's Greatest Movie Villain Contest). Dark Helmet utilizes several BrickForge pieces (the basis of the entire helmet is a BF gladiator mask), a couple chopped-up LEGO katanas, Playmobil accessories, a bit of Brasso, some silver paint for accents, a custom torso decal, and lots of electrical tape.. You can see a breakdown of the helmet's assembly here

This is a full Sized 3D file of Dark Helmet's helmet redone from Darkside501st's pepakura file. The File is not split up in any way and there is no general assembly instructions. It is just a basic helmet and face mask. I have to give the creator of the pdo file a lot of credit for his/her time and effort contributed. Thank you Darkside501st Rick Moranis hero Dark Helmet helmet from Spaceballs. (MGM, 1987) This articulating oversized signature helmet was worn by Moranis as Dark Helmet throughout the Mel Brooks classic Sci-Fi spoof. Consisting of 20 in. round by 14 in. tall cartoonish Darth Vader-stylized helmet constructed of heavy vacuum formed plastic component shell affixed to internal construction worker's hard.

A great memorable quote from the Spaceballs movie on Quotes.net - Dark Helmet: Raspberry. There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry: Lone Star Retired actor Rick Moranis will briefly return to acting to play his Spaceballs character Dark Helmet on ABC's The Goldbergs. By Kirsten Thompson May 07, 2018. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. The Goldbergs has landed an iconic guest for its latest '80s pop culture reference with the announcement that Rick Moranis will be on the May 9 episode. Moranis, who had semi-retired from acting in. Spaceballs Dark Helmet Rick Moranis Original Art Sketch Card Beckett BAS 1/1. Brand New. $300.00. Was: Previous Price $999.99 70% off. or Best Offer +$9.99 shipping. Watch; Spaceballs Poster # 8 Lord Dark Helmet AKA Rick Moranis. $19.99. Buy It Now +$6.00 shipping. Watch; Spaceballs Case For iPhone 11,11 Pro,pro Max, X, XS, Dark Helmet, Rick Moranis. Brand New · Unbranded. $13.99 to $15.99. Dark Helmet quotes. View Quote [choking and gagging; pulls up mask] I can't breathe in this thing! View Quote . So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb. View Quote. Yogurt! Yogurt! [referring to the character] I hate Yogurt! Even with Strawberries! View Quote. I see that your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now, let's see how well you can handle it. View.

DARK HELMET (AKA my mother!) Its a cat litter box! No joke. There were some really good ideas for Spaceballs costumes on this site, but we only had 1 day to do this one, it was a last minute idea. We tried to figure ways to make the mask move up and down, but everything we came up with involved something elaborate and expensive, so we gave up on the moving parts. Instead, we bought a litter. More from Spaceballs Dark Helmet: When will then be now? Sandurz: Soon. view. Add to favorites Tweet. Dark Helmet: Boy, I bet she gives good helmet. view. Add to favorites Tweet. Princess Vespa: I am Princess Vespa, daughter of Roland, King of the Druids. Lone Star: Oh great. That's all we needed, a Druish princess. Barf: Funny, she doesn't look Druish. view. Add to favorites Tweet. Spaceballs quotes 81 total quotes. Barf Dark Helmet Lone Starr. Multiple Characters Notes Opening credits President Skroob. View Quote (Spaceball 1's radar has been jammed.) Radar Technichan: [Through P.A to Col. Sandurz] Sir! [Sandurz and Dark Helmet look over] Can I see you for a minute, please sir? [Sandurz and Helmet walk over] Sandurz:What is it Private? Radar Technichan: [Still through.

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As Dark Helmet says his line Everybody knows that!, watch the crewman in white to Helmet's right. He starts to cover his crotch a beat too soon. He starts to cover his crotch a beat too soon. More.. I set out to create the most screen accurate design of the Dark Helmet's Helmet from Spaceballs possible. To this end i worked with a 3d designer to pull together as many screen grabs, marketing images and documentation collected when one of the hero props sold at auction several years ago to create something that matches the contours and the curves as close as possible without directly. While the old glory members like Dark Helmet, Lone Starr, Lord Helmet and President Screw were prohibited to contribute due to other activities (work, school) but were still members. But to tell the truth most of these other people sold their amiga but still contributes using a PC making mods and graphics. But Spaceballs still remains an AMIGA demoscene group only. On the other hand there are.

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Sound clips of the best quotes, famous one liners and sound fx from the movie Spaceballs (1987). All waveform sound bites are in wav and mp3 format. Actors: Mel Brooks (Yogurt / President Skroob), John Candy , Rick Moranis (Dark Helmet), Bill Pullman , Daphne Zuniga (Princess Vespa) Buy Blu-ray on Amazon / Paid lin With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Dark Helmet From Spaceballs animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Helmet and Sandurz are able to track down their assailants by watching a VHS copy of their own movie. The Spaceballs capture everyone and the giant ship is turned into Mega Maid who will vacuum the air out of Drudia. Lone Starr is able to use the Schwartz to reverse the vacuum, He battles Dark Helmet, and the entire structure explodes. We. The Spaceballs are led by Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis), the evil commander dressed in black who has attained vast amounts of money and power. All this despite the fact he's the shortest guy on his ship and can't breathe inside his helmet. Still, Dark Helmet must answer to President Skroob (Mel Brooks) and command his ship, all while trying to seduce the Princess. Eventually, she escapes with.

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Mini Mike, you're easy, the commander-in-chief tweeted along with the two-second clip, which shows Bloomberg's head superimposed on an image of Spaceballs villain Dark Helmet, played. Dark Helmet: Eh, I'm sorry, it only works on ants. [Lone Starr and Vespa are tied to the front of a tank] Lone Starr: Uh, I know this is usually your line, but I think we're doomed. Princess Vespa: Then there is only one thing left to do: scream. Lone Starr: What good is that gonna do? Princess Vespa: [stutters] Well, I, eeh, I don't know, but it always works for me. Lord of the Onion Rings. Aug 22, 2014 - Re: Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume (W.I.P) Update May 1st the front grid are made in plastic from the grid on my vac form table this is the exactly same.. I'm surrounded by Assholes! - Dark Helmet. Eminem5 2008-05-02 21:56:23. Yay Spaceballs. A fine tribute to the best damn movie ever, pat yourself on the back, you did a good job. Cyberdevil 2008-01-05 05:19:46. Great! A good soundboard for a en epic movie. Good graphics, good interface and a wide variety of sounds as well, heh, couldn't ask for more. Keep up the great work! -cd-Darklilangel23.

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