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Subsurface can plan and track single- and multi-tank dives using air, Nitrox or TriMix. It allows tracking of dive locations including GPS coordinates (which can also conveniently be entered using a map interface), logging of equipment used and names of other divers, and lets users rate dives and provide additional notes Windows. subsurface-4.9.9.exe has been tested on a number of 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.. Mac. Subsurface-4.9.9.dmg is a Mac image that can be installed on 64bit Intel Macs running MacOS 10.10 or later by dragging the Subsurface.app to your /Applications folder.. Linux. The Subsurface team is making our own dedicated binaries available for.

First step tutorial with the free and open source cross-platform scuba diving log program Subsurface. A written and more in-deep tuto is also on our website. Subsurface is a piece of software for logging and planning scuba dives. It was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel in 2011. Subsurface is free and open-source software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. 1 Overvie Subsurface-website Archived Wordpress to GitHub integration of the full Subsurface website, including all translatiosn NewLisp 2 1 Subsurface 4 + Diving Log 5 + Verbinde Dich mit Deinen Buddies... Bekomme Umfangreiche Statistiken... Alles Premium... Alles Kostenlos... jetzt registrieren Online Logbücher für Taucher. Willkommen auf divelogs! Importiere Logbücher von allen großen Herstellern: Reichere Dein Log mit Bildern und Videos an : Verbinde Dich mit Deinen Buddies auf der ganzen Welt: Exportiere zu verschiedenen.

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Diving Log is a logbook software program for scuba divers. You can import your dives from many softwares into your scuba divelog, like Uwatec DataTrak, SmartTrak. The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.9.7 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux. This release fixes a number of issues in 4.9.6 and adds a couple of minor enhancements as well as support for quite a few new dive computers. Some of the changes in Subsurface 4.9.7

Logbooks: 15.642 | Total dives: 1.503.774 | Last 24 hours: 6.982 | Pictures: 118.163 | Maps: 544.833 | Dive statistic Subsurface-mobile is an iOS dive log application based on Subsurface, the best free open source dive log application available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Subsurface-mobile allows you to access your dive log on your tablet or phone, edit the data and even download new dive information from many Bluetooth LE enabled dive computers. Using a free Subsurface Cloud Storage account you can. A bit of Subsurface history In fall of 2011, when a forced lull in kernel development gave him an opportunity to start on a new endeavor, Linus Torvalds decided to tackle his frustration with the lack of decent divelog software on Linux. Subsurface is the result of the work of him and a team of developers since then Subsurface-mobile is a full-fledged dive log application for Android, based on Subsurface, the best free open source dive log application available on Windows, Mac and Linux

Subsurface is multi user as each digital diving logbookis saved separately and can be printed and stored on the cloud (for free)separately. You can then use it on your desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones as well to share your diving logs on Facebook with one click I am relatively a newer diver, but a physical dive log has not been an issue for my family diving off boats in FL. I thought that I wanted a paper dive log but rarely ended up using it. It you want to collect dive center stickers or stamps, obviously physical is the way to go. Look at Subsurface as an online divelog. It is compatible with. Dedicated to an activity for which you need heavy training, Subsurface lets you record all of your diving sessions in a fun and practical environment. Add data from various sources In case you..

  1. Automatische Maps bei Diving Log 5 und Subsurface Direkt-Importen. Sollten bereits Tauchgänge mit Google Map und gleichem Namen und Ort vorhanden sein, wird bei den oben genannten Importen automatisch die Map hinzugefügt. Das gilt nur für Tauchgänge, die über die eingebaute divelogs-Integrationen der Programme importiert werden. Dies macht das manuelle Hinzufügen von Koordinaten nach dem.
  2. Bei Divelogs kann jeder Taucher ein kostenloses online Logbuch mit reichhaltigen Funktionen führe
  3. > Download and install the latest version of Subsurface => Click here > Connect your iDive/iX3M to your PC using the USB cable. > Activate the PC MODE on your iDive or iX3M > Click on import and import from dive computer > Select Vendor = Ratio, select your iDive / iX3M model in Dive Computer, select the COM port (usually is the highest value available) and click Download to download.
  4. Please enter the email address for which you want to reset your password. E-Mail (required
  5. - Attempt to parse dive logs as Latin-1 if uft-8 parsing fails - Add support for importing latest Suunto DM5 format - Correctly sync unit system between Subsurface and Subsurface-mobile (using cloud storage) - Fix several rounding related problems - Fix several potential crashes - Better handling of Uwatec memomouse tank pressure values - Better handling of Cobalt imports with unused tanks.

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  1. Z Dive Log : Seabear (6) H3 HUDC HUDC S1 SENSATION CCR T1 T1 Tactical: Seabear : Seac (3) Guru Jack: DiveLogger Downloader : Action: SeacSync : Shearwater (10) Nerd Nerd 2 Perdix Perdix AI Peregrine Petrel Petrel 2 Predator Teric: Shearwater Desktop Shearwater Cloud Desktop Downloader : Pursuit: Shearwater Desktop Shearwater Manager : Sherwood (13) Amphos 2 Amphos Air 2 Beacon Sage: DiverLog.
  2. Logbooks: 15.645 | Plongées total: 1.504.478 | Dernières 24 heures: 548 | Photos: 118.200 | Cartes: 545.486 | Statistiques des plongée
  3. Enrich your Log with Pictures and Videos: Connect with your buddies around the globe: Export to many cool formats including Pdf and eBook: Add GPS Coordinates to your dives and get your personal diving map: Get comprehensive statistics about your diving caree
  4. Export of dive log to Wordpress website Discussion in 'Dive Software' started by TTPaws, Dec 24, 2019. TTPaws IDC Staff Diving Log 6.0, Subsurface and APD Divesight (rebreather). Subsurface has an HTML export that outputs a javascript file, that I am still researching how to use. I admit I'm being a bit lazy here and seeing if anyone else has done this already. PADI IDC Staff Instructor.
  5. I'm tranmting the log file. Can you help me? Does the problem come from me? Thank you for your comeback. Operating system: Windows 10 pro PC DELL. Subsurface version: 4.8.5 official release but ok with 4.8.4. Subsurface.log : subsurface.log Subsurface: v4.8.5, built with libdivecomputer v0.7.-devel-Subsurface-NG.

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  1. The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.9.10 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux. This release fixes three issues in 4.9.9. Changes in Subsurface 4.9.10
  2. Import Subsurface logs into Deepblu Once you have all your dive logs collected in Subsurface, you can proceed to upload them to Deepblu. Open Subsurface, select File from the menu bar and then Export to get to the General Export tab Select Subsurface XML or UDDF and click OK
  3. al : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:subsurface/subsurface sudo apt-get.
  4. The contributions of all segments of the dive are summed to get the total CNS% value. This is a partial implementation of the proposals in Erik Baker's document Oxygen Toxicity Calculations */ Overall, this PR does not radically alter the existing CNS calculation, it only makes it more accurate and more consistent by doing interpolation and by using mean segment depth to find PO2. Signed-off.
  5. If you are a scuba diver and want to have your logbook always with you, then Diving Log is the right scuba dive log app for you. You can leave your handwritten paper logbook safely at home and still access all your dives

You may know of Linus from his development of the Linux kernel and the git version control system. But he also started Subsurface, a well-known open source utility for dive logging and planning. Linus was kind enough to take time away from working around the latest CPU bugs and submit to a Q&A series over e-mail about open source and diving Select Dive Log from the menu on the left and click on any of the sub menus (Dive, Dive Details, Location, Gear, Buddies). If you have never downloaded a dive before message prompting you to do so will display. Click Ok and follow the prompts Dive Log by Greg Mclaughlin Dive Log on the App Store Diving Log 6.0: Diving Log 6.0 - scuba logbook software for diver - dive log, scuba log They both work really well. I love that I can transfer the dive logs via bluetooth from my Perdix AI right to my iPhone and also capture the GPS coordinates of the dive site as soon as I get back on the boat. Joneill, Jun 1, 2018. Joneill, Jun 1, 2018 #5. Dive log software [ edit ] Usually dive computer manufactures have their own software to view and analyze logged dive profiles, but there are also open source versions. Subsurface is free open source dive log software started by Linus Torvalds, which is compatible with several makes of downloadable diving computer. Sources [ edit No data for home?-Divelog / subsurface. Developers. Documentation; Build service; Bugzilla; Github; Information. News; Release notes; Events; Planet; Sho

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You can log single or multi-tank dives using air, nitrox or tri-mix. Besides that, Subsurface can download data from a wide range of dive computers and import dives from a variety of file formats and from divelogs.de. Another great advantage of Subsurface is the compatibility with other online diving platforms Diving Log 6.0 is the perfect scuba logbook solution to manage your dives. You can import your dive log data from almost every dive computer,.

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Thema Subsurface - freie Tauchcomputer- und Dive-Log-Software im Forum Diverses - alle Antworten auf diesen Beitra I tried dive log 5 and while it says it can read the picture exif data it does not show my dive log then on the map still. Its easy when taking photos, just load them in Lightroom and sync it with the gpx file. Works great but my dive log has yet to sync up too. Any ideas? Looked at subsurface but it seems it only syncs with the smartphone app. plus photos can not be linked either. Scubanomad. I would say subsurface is to dive plan apps what calibre is to ebook management software. An all in one solution that works and imports from a variety of dive computers through libdc (a subsurface fork of libdivecomputer). Alright, not git or linux, but not having to deal with crap spyware from the companies behind dive computers puts it on the same level of not having to install printer/scan.

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Téléchargez l'APK 3.0.6 ( de Subsurface-mobile pour Android. La version mobile de l'application populaire de plongée souterraine journal de burea We believe that divers should have an easy and comfortable way of keeping their diving memories. That's why we have developed a seamless solution for maintaining a log book on tablets and smartphones. DiveMate for Android. DiveMate is a unique dive logbook for scuba divers. Keep your diving memories with photos, maps, personal notes and your buddies. An amazing function of DiveMate is the. Sign in - Google Account Keep your dive log book with you at all times, Record your dives & diving certifications. Main Features: Digital dive log book - including field to record Marine life spotted on dive (Something i haven't seen, in most dive log apps). Easily copy & edit dives, for fast input. Dive Certifications log. View all your dive sites on a map. Export dive log to PDF. Google drive integration for backup. Overview. Subsurface allows a scuba diver or free diver to keep track of their dive data. It allows dive record data to be downloaded from many different makes and models of dive computers and can represent this data both graphically (depth profile, gas usage) and in tabular format. Digital photographs taken during the dive can be added to the log and the location of the dive site is displayed.

Diving Log is using libdivecomputer for downloading, which is a universal dive computer download library. Because of this nature, it has to be more general and cannot support every brand specific feature. Diving Log also has to support a large number of dive computers and does not have very specific data fields for each computer type. That being said I try to extend the logbook format if. This video is a quick introduction on the Smart TRAK Dive Log Software produced by Scubapro for use with their Uwatec brand of Aladin series dive computers.. * Subgear Dive.Log * Mac Dive 2 * Subsurface * (Android) Dive Log * Liquivision dive Logger * Shearwater Desktop * Atomic Aquatics Logbook More formats may follow in the future. top of page. Why does the import function tell my the file seems to be incorrect? This can happen, if your logging software exported your dives incorrectly. It has come up with the Suunto Divemanager 1.6. Look into the. BLU is an App that empowers dive professionals with tools to support their interactions with students & divers. We support a professionally managed dive site directory, where divers can find new buddies and share their dive logs enhanced with an interactive profile, highlighting images and videos from their experience. Visit our main site https://scuba.app or our support site where you can. Subsurface 4.9.7 released: Subsurface Divelog: 8:45 AM: Unable to puload Shearwater Predator logs: Zach Whitrock: 9/28/20: Building Subsurface on openSUSE fails as libdivecomputer is installed to lib64 rather than lib: JB2Cool: 9/28/20: Subsurface android app 3.0.15 request: Gerardo Lara: 9/28/20: signed Windows 4.9.7 installer: Dirk: 9/28/2

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Subsurface is an opensource diving logbook that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. With this program, users can keep track of their dives by logging dive locations (with GPS coordinates), weights and exposure protection used, divemasters and dive buddies, etc. Subsurface also enables the users to rate their dives and provide additional dive notes Create Deepblu Logs with Any Dive Computer. Did you know that you don't need a Deepblu COSMIQ + to create digital dive logs? Deepblu supports more than 200 dive computer models through Subsurface, a free piece of software designed to read data from dive computers.. Upload Subsurface Logs Mailing list for developers and users of the subsurface dive log program. To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the subsurface Archives. Using subsurface: To post a message to all the list members, send email to subsurface@subsurface-divelog.org. You can subscribe to the list, or change your existing subscription, in the sections below. Subscribing to subsurface: Subscribe. An open source dive log program subsurface is a useful application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of keeping track of your dives. The program can import the dive data from a variety of devices and show you details about the equipment, date and location of the dives. subsurface also features an information and statistics area where you can check various facts. Re: Subsurface dive log software - Dive Site Sharing Post by H20doctor » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:17 am I was using a dive site dive log software which was kind of cool was on Android..app, but I stopped Using it cause the app disappeare

Subsurface is a great dive log and planning package. I would not equate the fees paid for programs like MultiDeco to necessarily translate into more reliability. If anything, the open implementation of the Buhlmann ZHL-16C and VPM algorithms allows more transparency into how it works and to allow bugs to be fixed by a broader group of developers. Full disclosure: I have helped develop some of. I, as well as a lot of others here, use Subsurface. It's free and can dowload your logs from your dive computer or you can enter them manually. There is an android companion app that syncs thru the cloud so it is updated when you save the dives on your Windows computer. I think it even has an Apple version. It shows you graphs of your dives and. It allows you to download and manage your dive logs and also update the firmware on your Shearwater Dive Computers. In order to sync your dives with Cloud Mobile you have to download Shearwater Cloud Desktop by clicking here. Windows Requirements. Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 ; Perdix AI requires Bluetooth LE. This is only available on Windows 8 or later. Diving Log can be synchronized with several free online logbooks and cloud services. This way you can easily upload your dives to the internet and access them from everywhere. The Windows Phone version can be synchronized via OneDrive or Dropbox. Read more >>> Diving Log supports technical dives with Nitrox, Trimix, OC and CCR. You can add up to 10 gases per dive and unlimited gas switches.

‎Dive Log is designed to work either as your primary SCUBA diving logbook application or in conjunction with compatible 3rd party desktop logbook applications. You can use Dive Log at the dive site or on the dive boat to capture the information about the site while it is fresh in your mind (or your Interviewer: Many of us have used Subsurface for dive computer analysis or planning—myself included. So We had talked quite a bit about the idea of creating a dive log and being able to download dives from a dive computer directly under Linux instead of running a Windows app in a VM (which I was doing at that point). He had played with the available software that did run on Linux at that.

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Subsurface is an open source project that provides users with a unique and sophisticated diving log application that's capable of tracking both single-tank and multi-tank dives using air, TriMix or Nitrox. The program has been written by Linus Torvalds, the father of the Linux kernel, which is now used on thousands of open source operating systems. He created Subsurface out of frustration. Subject: Re: Dive Log Missing and Unaccessible. Re: Dive Log Missing and Unaccessible: Robert C. Helling: 12/5/16 5:39 AM: Am Montag, 5. Dezember 2016 14:36:38 UTC+1 schrieb Dirk: Can you send me the XML file? I'm curious what got broken... There should also be a backup file with the same file name but extension .bak. You might be able to recover most of your log from there. Best. Robert Re. The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.9.4 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux. This release fixes a number of issues in 4.9.3 and adds some major new features. Some of the changes in Subsurface 4.9.4: new features: maps: show the dive site as marker when opening Google Maps. undo: implement undo of event handling. This video shows an alpha version of the new subsurface mobile application. See https://subsurface-divelog.org There is a feature in it that lets you export the log to different formats (Diving Log, subsurface, etc.) It has all the features you asked for. I know they are working on a version to a show the 2nd transmitter. I have no connection with the developers, just a happy user for many years. level 1 . Sagnew. Original Poster 1 point · 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago. Subsurface's newest beta on.

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‎Subsurface-mobile is an iOS dive log application based on Subsurface, the best free open source dive log application available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Subsurface-mobile allows you to access your dive log on your tablet or phone, edit the data and even download new dive information from many Blue Cressi Professional Scuba Diving Equipment. In case of problems, please contact our support team - Click her

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I dive, I log, I archive and I share my underwater adventures with my community. - Fill in all the dive data, depth, time, equipment type, etc. Record your feelings and use keywords to describe your dives. - Have your dives certified by your instructor or your buddy, validate and authenticate your experience with the exact number of dives made with or without supervision I'm using the Subsurface dive log software and got the Mares Genius dive computer. Some issues but mainly useful. The Genius is not completely supported by subsurface yet but they are very active. See posts, photos and more on Facebook > message about that would be nice though), how can one import dive-logs? Oh, the Cloud is right now the only reasonable way to get data to and from Subsurface-mobile on iOS. Why do you think that it isn't functional? > Tried to send the .ssrf via email, but Subsurface-mobile is not among the > apps that you can send the attachment to. > When I connect my iPhone to my Linux, Subsurface-mobile. I have installed Subsurface 4.6.0 since a few days and I am quite satisfied with it. I have got it working on Linux I was able to import a large dive_log.slg file by means smtk2ssrf_test.AppImage executable (on Fedora 24). All details of the dives were successfully imported, without any need for a manual edit of the imported dives. EXCELLENT RESULT! With this post I would like to ask the.

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Currently the Subsurface App for Splunk is one simple app that can be installed from Splunkbase in order to bring your divelog data into Splunk. Setup. Install the Subsurface App for Splunk directly from Splunkbase. Restart Splunk; Collecting Data: Within subsurface, you can save your divelog as an xml file. In order to get this data into. Once your buddy or instructor has approved your dive log, a green tick mark appears next to it in your logbook, indicating it is official. Diviac loves to share Save time by copying your buddy's log. When your buddy validates your log, he can also copy it into his logbook at the same time. All the common information (date, location, dive site, etc.) is carried over, saving you the need to. If I'm not wrong, after downloading the dive logs with Shearwater Desktop, there is no indication for the current ascent or descent rate that, in my opinion, could be useful. Furthermore, if I could set initial and final pressure for the gas used during the dive, could be useful to have an indication for the average consumption rate for each gas (i.e. bottom gas, deco gas one, etc..). Could. Divers have the opportunity to fully manage the data and functions of their Leonardo or Giotto computer with this Cressi Interface. It's easy to connect both wrist and console mounted units, which simply sit on top of the USB-powered docking station. With the Cressi Interface Software (available in the Download area), the user can save the dive logs and have them displayed visually through a. Edit the dive details of more than one dive at a time - Easy to add a location to a set of dives! Export revamp: DAN export now works. This has been tested with a number of online diving logs. CSV exports now have additional header information. Improved Dive statistics: Surface interval; Dive Type (OC,CC,SC

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Dive log options for Mac and iOS: SubSurface, an open source, free, multi platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) dive logging package. MacDive a low cost full featured dive log program that handles many computers, and can also connect to an iOS version. Dive Log DT, a low cost and full featured logging program with multiple computer support and an interface to iOS devices through their free Dive Log. Manually entered dive: Imported dive: This happens whether I import the dives from the Diviac export file, from the Suunto DM5 DB backup and even if I copy-paste the XML snippet representing an individual dive from an import into a new subsurface log file and into the main log file. Here are some data for you to reproduce the error

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In the diver list many divers can be created e.g. partners, dive students or to manage additional backup/rental computers. One diver is active at a time. The name is shown the main top bar. To switch to another diver click it in the diver list and then tap the tick in the top menu of the diver details. The dives and equipment of this diver will be loaded. How do I print my dives? In the dive. Dear Team of Subsurface First of all i want to gratulate for the really wonderful software you made!!! It is really a pleasure to work with this software. Since one month i am using a new Dive PC (Ratio iXM3 Tech+). Unfortunatly it is not possible to read out this PC with Subsurface. I contacted RATIO as well and they mentioned i should contact Subsurface. I found in the supported list of Dive. Subsurface Scuba, Mooloolaba, Queensland. 1.4K likes. Whether you're a beginner or certified diver, want to go snorkelling or see the whales we tailor trips to suit you! We offer PADI courses, guided.. Sub-Surface Progression, Fort Bragg, California. 2,227 likes · 4 talking about this · 182 were here. Northern California's original dive shop owned and operated by the Tallman family since 1977. Dive.. PADI 5 Star Dive Centers and Dive Resorts Fiji, Mamanuca Islands Beachcomber Island Resort . Follow Subsurface Fiji log a dive with us message us Booking Request. Website (679) 6666738 (679) 6669955 Listing Unclaimed. Claim Listing PADI 5 Star Dive Centers and Dive Resorts Fiji, Malolo Island Resort . Follow Subsurface Malolo log a dive with us message us Booking Request. Website (679) 6666-738 (679) 666-9955 Listing Unclaimed. Claim Listing

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